… After the beginning.

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And so we start communicating more and more, agriculture means we have more time on our hands and we start to create culture, religion and all the other trappings of  civilization. Part of this leads to early forms of publishing and you could say that pottery, rock art and art in general are all forms of distributed or broadcast communications.

Stuff that shows something of ones self, their opinions or beliefs to others. It could be groups, family or just a partner or spouse. Sure, I think that some would do it just for their own benefit  or to get it out of their system but I reckon the desire for 15 minutes of fame is as old as civilisation itself. A good mate of mine believes that a lot of this is driven by a virtual evolutionary desire to leave a “mark”, a cultural or societal equivalent of passing on ones genes (or meme’s I guess). Maybe so but the I think its fair to say that this trait is part of being human and only the culture or environment we live in regulates the strength or drive behind it.

What relevance is this to social media?