Automailer Delivers A Complete Direct Mail Solution

Crawford Realty



  • Enform Automailer EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) solution
  • Integrated subscriber and lead management database
  • End-to-end solution with reporting, analytics and metrics deployed and managed by Enform.


Since opening its doors in 2008, Crawford Realty based in the Pilbara region of WA has become one of the fastest growing realtors in Australia.
The company lead by principal Ryan Crawford, specialises in positively geared investment properties, residential and commercial sales and leasing and premium property management. Its Smart Investor service focuses on the needs of both new and experienced property investors.


Crawford Realty wanted to consolidate its steady growth through improved contact with prospective investors throughout Australia and around the world. As part of that strategy the company wanted to find a way to manage their lead database and consistently connect via quality EDMs on a regular basis without burdening staff time or requiring additional staff numbers.


Enform created an advanced EDM system based on Enform’s Automailer solution to power Crawford’s direct sales program. This easy to use turn-key solution is a high frequency, legal, permission based direct marketing system that is totally integrated with the company’s web site and is core to its marketing.

The Automailer allows Crawfords to:

  • Choose from a range of ready to use templates with various design options
  • Easily create and edit each campaign online
  • Conduct SPAM and Layout Testing before sending
  • Manage subscriber lists
  • Customise database fields, segmentation and filtering
  • Produce comprehensive reports including detailed campaign comparisons
  • Create EDM bounce summaries and analysis
  • Monitor client usage


By automating the EDM creation, administration and database management the solution has allowed Crawfords to expand its business globally through the improved regular contact with prospects. Without imposing on staff time, the system allows the company to integrate its EDM database with various website lead generation assets. Crawfords is now able to collect leads from multi channels that are segmented automatically allowing customised real estate offerings to be sent to each prospect.

By comparison past EDM’S were managed in an ad-hoc way without the means to determine if they were received read or if there was interaction.

In addition all the tasks were done manually and therefore were prone to inaccuracy and inefficiency.

Today the process is fully integrated enabling the company to reap the benefits of improved customer service without the cost of additional human resources or the need for expensive customisation. Enform also used its experi ence to ensure that the business complied with the Spam Act and constituted a permission based system.

“Enform helps us along the way with advice and guidance on how to continue to build our database and maximise our conversion rate. They have clear understanding of online and direct marketing – they just get it.”

Ryan Crawford, MD and founder Crawford Realty