SaaS Solution and Online Application Development

MyProp – Your Investment Property Advisor




  • One stop shop application design
  • Project management of entire product development lifecycle including offshore labour
  • Marketing and launch including online strategy


MyProp is an Australian owned property investment consultancy provided investment advice to residential and commercial rental property investors; property renovators, wealth creation managers, accountants, mortgage brokers and tax agents.


MyProp’s founder Antony Shingler wanted to develop and launch an application that would underpin his property management consultancy. Aimed at small to medium property investors, MyProp needed an online application that would interface with its customers in order for them to better manage their property portfolios. As there was no off the shelf application that was applicable, Shingler approached some larger software development firms whose costs were prohibitive. He was told it could not be done within his budget. That was when he approached Enform.


Enform designed, project managed and built the first online investment property management application for the “everyman” property investor. MyProp is a cloud based SaaS solution available to subscribers via the web. Enform created the technical specs, business rules, development brief and then project managed the build using a combination of offshore and local resources. Marketing services and collateral were also provided in order to launch the product in the marketplace.


MyProp is a unique online software program that keeps rental investment property details in one place. Whereas in the past, small to medium investors used a combination of spreadsheets, shoeboxes with a smattering of questionable advice from advisors, MyProp draws on Shingler’s extensive property management and accounting background to provide sound consistent property management advice.

MyProp allows budgets to be set, goals to be tracked freeing the investor to plan for the future rather than waste time on paperwork. MyProp collects accurate information for the property and portfolio that can be shared online with the users’ tax account and mortgage brokers for a portfolio-wide view of investments. The Myprop mobile application allows users to stay in touch wherever their location.

To make MyProp a reality Enform harnessed a global workforce and project managed the development of the SaaS-based application. By outsourcing much of the coding work Enform was able to keep development costs within budget. Along with a full SEO and SEM program, Enform also provided extensive marketing services including its Automailer EDM solution, demos, promotional videos and advertising.

Enform provided excellent project management that kept both time and costs under control. The big end of town said it couldn’t be done to my budget. Enform proved them all wrong!

Antony Shingler, MD and Founder, MyProp