Social Media Strategy and Deployment

Yokohama Tyres

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  • Social media strategy development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Ongoing engagement


Yokohama Tyre Australia Pty Ltd has been operating in Australia since 1976 providing well priced premium products. Its products demonstrate superior performance and durability.

Yokohama makes tyres for cars, 4WDs, earthmovers and industrial application that are distributed nationally via their offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


Although Yokohama had very high brand awareness and strong market reputation among baby boomers it was just another tyre brand to Generation Y. Yokohama wanted to develop its social media exposure to protect its market share in the future by engaging a younger audience with the new ADVAN brand.

While the ADVAN brand has been popular in Asia for decades it was only launched globally in 2007. ADVAN is the name give to Yokohama’s best high performance and racing tyres.

Initially the brand was promoted in the same old way tyre companies have always promoted their brands. In motorsport, stickers and TV billboards with the ADVAN logo were placed in two of the most popular V8 Supercar Support categories, V8 Utes and Aussie Racing Cars.

However, after two years people were still saying “what’s an ADVAN” and Yokohama’s website analytics showed nobody was searching for the terms.


Enform devised and provided a series of workshops for key Yokohama staff to facilitate a strategy that would be rolled out in-house by the organisation. Yokohama and Enform saw an opportunity to engage young enthusiasts of Japanese car culture. The strategy was to make Yokohama famous again, to repeat history. Just as Yokohama became legendary to baby boomers, ADVAN was to become legendary to Generation Ys.

Yokohama brought in ADVAN wheels, ADVAN Neova street / race tyres and a soft compound racing tyre called the A050. Yokohama and ADVAN sponsored and began working closely with Hi Octane Racing to develop the Superlap event which was to become World Time Attack.With the product sorted it was time to develop a communication strategy.

Under Enform’s guidance Yokohama developed blog content on their ADVAN wheels website and began producing YouTube videos promoting the brand and products. The next step was to build channels to promote this information and a tribe of followers.


Yokohama ADVAN now has over eleven thousand four hundred Facebook fans and over three thousand YouTube subscribers. It’s an audience that’s on-tap for whenever Yokohama or ADVAN want to promote an event or boost their website visits.

Enform Automailer is integrated into this solution and helps us stay connected through targeted direct mail.

Thanks to Enform Yokohama has claimed territory and a reputation in the online space that’s the envy of it’s competitors.

Thanks to Jim’s long experience in the automotive aftermarket he had great understanding of our target market. As a bonus he brought incite and empathy with social media that we were able to effectively leverage to improve our bottom line.

Christian Hansen, Marketing Manager, Yokohama Australia and