SEO Strategy & Google Adwords Campaign

TEIN Australia




  • Developed and managed SEO program & Google Adwords campaign
  • Brand relaunch strategy and execution
  • Drove traffic and leads
  • Increased sales


Fulcrum Suspensions joined forces with renowned Japanese suspension company TEIN Inc. to bring serious performance car suspension to the Australian market.

TEIN products aim to extract the full handling potential from vehicles while offering the optimal balance between sports performance and comfort.

TEIN Suspension has a strong cult following amongst Japanese performance car enthusiasts and Fulcrum has invested heavily in research and development to customise TEIN products to suit for Australian vehicles and road conditions.


Fulcrum Suspension wanted to increase its reach into younger, global and digitally savvy target market to increase market share. Up to then its marketing and promotional activities were not online and the company felt it was falling further behind its competitors who had an online presence.

To meet that challenge the company felt it needed to better connect with the younger end of its target market and to better understand the needs of that demographic in order to improve its conversion to sales.


Fulcrum contacted Enform to help it devise its online presence and marketing strategy. Enform created SEO and SEM programs that used Google Adwords and other PPC channels to raise awareness of TEIN. The company was positioned as the sole and exclusive distributor and the brand was relaunched in Australia using a range of online and traditional marketing activities.

Enform also developed and deployed a comprehensive strategy to use social marketing as a means to increase brand awareness as supplementary means to increase sales. For example the content of TEIN website was optimised for SEO; online advertising and EDMs were used to generate awareness.

All activities were designed to be fully measurable in real time providing constant feedback on traffic and usage. This flexibility enabled Fulcrum to take account of the views of its target audience and enabled it to adjust its messaging and product offering accordingly.


As a result of these integrated online marketing activities Fulcrum significantly increased sales of TEIN product, both through dealers the website’s ebusiness functionality.
However, the company won’t rest on its laurels. To maximise the success of any online activity its essential to continually tweak activities in order to reap maximum conversion rates to meet business outcomes.

“Many other consultancies just look at traffic and ignore the importance of converting those leads to sales. Enform understood the importance of converting website traffic to actual sales.

Scott Bennett, TEIN Brand Manager
Fulcrum Suspension