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Molly Taylor Motorsport supports Molly Taylor
Molly Taylor Motorsport is the team behind rally driver Molly Taylor who has been driving since 2006. In 2012 Molly is competing with the United Business / BP Racing Team in a Citroen DS3 R3 for selected European and WRC events.

Rally driving at an international level is an expensive sport. When Molly Taylor wanted to increase her sponsorship revenue to support her driving on the European circuit she opted for a raffle with big ticket prizes. However, the time needed to sell and administer such a raffle meant it was prohibitive for the dedicated but small support team.

The raffle was backed by the Australian Motorsport Foundation (AMF) who organised the setup of the legalities along with some fantastic prizes which Molly Taylor, her ever-supportive mum and fellow rally driver wanted to take to the world via the web.

The team approached Enform to help them reach a wider audience online. Enform created an end-to-end solution that automated the promotion and administration of the raffle whilst raising the professional image of Molly Taylor and her team.

A special banner was created for Molly’s home page that linked raffle buyers directly to a payment gateway (PayPal). Once the payment was received, the details were automatically captured in a dedicated database that sent a confirmation to all buyers along with a consecutive raffle ticket number through an autoresponder email confirmation.

Enform also created a new subscriber database, with segments that uploaded Molly Taylor’s existing site user database, and robotic integration was set up with the new Raffle sign-up form/page.

As part of the solution a new dedicated Raffle promo and sign up page design was created. This included a new Home page banner to promote the Raffle page with call to action to draw in the raffle ticket buyers.


According to Coral Taylor, Molly’s manager and mum, “Enform was fantastic to deal with – very responsive and patient. We were able to hand everything over to them. They came back with an automated solution that works without hardly any time investment from our side. They provided us with great training so that we were confident to use the system ourselves.

To help us further automate our wider marketing activities, Enform also created a process and a template for our regular newsletters in the form of EDMs. It’s a much faster way than we used to do it via individual emails,” Coral said.

“Enform were very helpful in setting up all the necessary requirements to make our online raffle a success. They also helped us automate our newsletter production which used to be very time consuming.”

Coral Taylor, Molly Taylor Motorsport