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eBay Australia Rolls Out New Product Image Policy

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eBay Australia vendors should take note that beginning August 4, 2014, all new item listings, including those that are relisted without an image or has an image smaller than 500 pixels will be automatically blocked.

As most of eBay’s Australian Solution Partners already know, the online marketplace announced last year its plans to roll out a new image policy that would affect all product listings on eBay.com.au.

Since February 2014, the site had slowly put the new policy into effect across all listings. For those not completely aware of the change, or need a reminder on what to expect from the policy, here’s a quick refresher for you.

  • All item listings must feature at least one image.
  • Stock images can only be used on listings for brand new items/products, otherwise original photos should be taken of the item in its current state
  • All images must have a minimum image size of 500 pixels on the longest side. eBay recommends a size of 1600 for best results
  • Pictures must have no borders, text, or artwork – sometimes referred to as “graffiti”
  • Watermarks are allowed, but only for ownership and attribution purposes


Graffiti, including text, borders, etc. won’t be blocked, for now, but eBay still recommends, and strongly at that, to feature graffiti-free images, as outlined in the company’s Picture Requirements.


However, there are exemptions to eBay’s new rule. The following categories are not included in the site’s image size requirements. These are:

  • Services
  • Books
  • Sub-categories within Collectibles & Memorabilia under Music and Movies

Why the change?

According to eBay, buyers have told them that the quality of product photos found on the site leaves a lot to be desired. And with the advent of mobile, and the fact that over half of all eBay.com.au visits come from mobile devices, image quality has taken high prominence in the mobile shopping experience.

Elements of a great listing photo

We at Enform recommend that our clients take note of the following tips for product images:

  • Don’t rely on direct flash lighting as this creates harsh and unpleasant shadows. Use off-camera lights, several of them, for an eye-pleasing look to your photos.
  • Use continuous lighting to minimise the effect of flaring and unpleasant reflections
  • For your lighting, lights with daylight or 5500k colour temperature work best for clear photos
  • Purchase or build your own softboxes for softer, more even lighting.
  • Clean white backdrops work best for product imagery and no graffiti
  • Square images work best on eBay, and are the safest option for mobile viewing
  • Use a photo editor, even a basic one, to enhance colour, contrast, and brightness, as well as to crop the image.
  • The item should take up as much space as possible on the image
  • Be sure to take multiple images of products from different angles, as well as close ups to reveal details and flaws, if any.

ebay advice

eBay’s recommendations aren’t hard to figure out, and should only benefit you and your listings’ chances of being sold on the site.