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EBay Identifies new requirements


In its recent notification to sellers, Ebay advised there are new requirements for Product Identifiers in Multi-variation listings.  When you follow the link this would appear to be a broader requirement http://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/news/product-identifiers  detailing this change as a requirement for ALL new listings of branded items in New and Manufacturer refurbished listings.

What are product identifiers

If you sell on eBay, you’re probably already familiar about the new product identifiers you are required to add to your listings. By the end of January 2016 these are the product identifiers you must include in your listings:

  • Brand
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). GTINs can include:
    • Universal Product Code (UPC)
    • European Article Number (EAN)
    • Japanese Article Number (JAN)
    • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Only branded items, in what eBay calls as “New and Manufacturer refurbished” condition, will need these product identifiers. This requirement does not apply to used, collectible, vintage, or one-of-a-kind items.

Here are the product categories currently requiring product identifiers:
Baby, Books, Magazines, Industrial, Cameras, Phones, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (Shoes only), Computers/Tablets & Networking, Electronics, Movies, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden (Tools and Appliances only), Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Music, Musical Instruments, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Toys, Hobbies, Video Games & Consoles. More categories are to be included in 2016 (autoparts falls under Vehicle Parts & Accessories).

Benefits of product identifiers

The aim of requiring sellers to include product identifiers is to make your products more visible on eBay and external search engines through Multi-Variation Listings – enabling you to include variations of a product in one fixed price listing.

PARts lists the following advantages to having product identifiers in your listings:

  • More robust listing information and item specifics, which are included automatically when your item is matched to a product in the eBay catalogue
  • More accurate pricing guidance to help make your listings more competitive
  • Being well prepared for future enhancements, such as new product reviews

eBay is even more detailed with the benefits of using product identifiers:

  • Better exposure – Higher ranking in search engines, better placement in eBay Best Match, and more merchandising opportunities;
  • Faster listing time – “High quality data” automatically prefilled in your listing;
  • Product reviews – Reviews associated with listed products in the eBay catalogue will show up in your listing;
  • Solid pricing advice – ‘Accurate’ pricing guidance available for you; and
  • Trending price alert on view item – Listings having product identifiers come with a ‘trending price alert’ when products in the listing are priced lower than the trending price.

In an apparent nod to claimed product identifier benefits, a Terapeak study shows that “items that used identifiers sold on average 1.6 times more often than other listings.” But expect these results to happen more with sellers who have gained credibility and include more product details and pictures in their listings.

If you sell a lot of products, adding more product identifiers can be a chore, especially this coming Christmas season.

For Enform customers and Sellers

If you’re an Enform customer or reseller, product identifiers like GTIN and MPN are already available in the PARts database, so adding them to your product listings (if they haven’t been automatically added yet) is a snap. According to PARts:

The good news is that a lot of this information is already available through data and system providers like PARts Australia or TecDoc and so can be easily integrated in your data feed. And, if not available, there are fall backs but our view is that this data and its inclusion is most likely to be included in the “secret-sauce” powering the eBay Best Match algorithm.

One of those fall backs is typing ‘does not apply’ in the required ebay product identifier field so you won’t leave any required field blank.

If you wish to avail of product identifier benefits earlier, start including them in your listings now.