Enform, define “usomer”?

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The usomer

The usomer

Enform created the term “usomer” to describe the user or customer that actually makes the buying decision. So why not just call them the customer or user?

Because in many industries and markets the ultimate buying decision is split between several possible levels in the distribution chain or vertical channel. Equally, the same product may appeal to different market segments for different reasons.   

As a result, the ultimate end user or product consumer can be 2 to 3 times removed from the manufacturer. The automotive parts industry is a good example with many brands distributing their product through a WD or wholesale distributor first that then on-sells to a reseller or parts store that may then on-sell to a workshop or fitter who finally sells the product to the consumer.

Regardless of the length or complexity of the distribution chain, Enform defines the usomer as the person that ultimately makes the buying decision to purchase your brand and that can be the reseller shop that decides to stock your brand as the only solution for that product type, or the fitting shop that has a choice of brands but chooses yours for his customers or the traditional end consumer that asks for or chooses your brand by name, not just by function.       

Working to improve brand awareness, high NPS* or strong consumer advocacy is the key to profitable brand and company growth and the usomer is the logical target.   And the first step is to recognise who the usomer(s) is for your brand and sector and work accordingly to make sure they are happy to support and recommend your product. 

*Net Promoter Score index – for more on this important consumer advocacy metric visit www.netpromoter.org