Google Brings Back Analytics “Benchmarking”

By July 8, 2011 Blog No Comments

Good news for those who frequently dabble in Google Analytics. Sometime around March this year, search engine giant Google ceased providing its regular Analytics benchmarking reports, something which used to be included in its Google Analytics system. Needless to say, the disappearance of the feature caused some disappointment amongst many site owners, compelling Google to bring back the service on the 1st of July. This time around, the benchmarking information will be sent to users through their monthly newsletter.

For those who have chosen to opt in for anonymous data sharing via Google Analytics, the first newsletter containing the data in question is likely sitting in your email inbox right about now.

Google Analytics Benchmarks

To those not familiar with the technology, Google Analytics Benchmarking is a statistics report that contains analytical data siphoned from the hundreds of thousands of sites that have opted in for anonymous sharing of data, which is then compared with the same data siphoned from the previous year, during the same period of time (usually on a monthly basis). This historical data is then considered as a benchmark for site performance, allowing users to have a better understanding about the different metrics captured by Google.

The move to transfer the benchmarking data report from one’s Google Analytics account to a monthly newsletter may strike some as odd, even Google themselves admit that the newsletter is still an experiment in providing more interesting and useful data to individuals who use Google Analytics.

For webmasters, there are a plethora of reasons why you should opt in for this data sharing pool. There are currently hundreds of thousands of Analytics users are part of this community, and Google has supplemented this number of making sure that all metrics are significant statistics-wise.