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improve customer shopping experience

Survey Shows Majority of Online Consumers Want Support During Online Shopping Experience

A recent global survey by LivePerson Inc. a leading provider of online marketing and web analytics solutions, shows that around 83 percent of online consumers who participated in the study reported a need to have some form of support throughout their online shopping experience. Another 59 percent expressed a desire to have more options in how they interact with brands.

The study, titled Connecting with Customers Report, is LivePerson’s first annual comprehensive and worldwide study that looks at trends and behaviours in online shopping attitudes. The third-party market research company, Loudhouse, carried out the study across six different countries. It involved more than 5,700 consumer respondents from countries that include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and Italy.

The report essentially highlights crucial trends in how consumers spend money online and what the present expectations are as far as the online customer experience is concerned. The study’s results show a number of observations, among them that 40 percent of consumers now spend as much money online as they do in traditional stores. Moreover, 71 percent of online consumers expect that have access to assistance when making online purchases, with another 51 percent saying they will immediately give up when help is lacking or are unable to seek help after one attempt of doing so. One of the most important findings in the report is the 93 percent of respondents who see real-time help as helpful when shopping online. In fact, another 31 percent will shop elsewhere if they don’t see access to immediate real-time help.


Key findings from the Connecting with Customers Report are:

Around 71 percent of online shoppers anticipate access to help within 5 minutes of buying online. Another 31 percent want this assistance to be available right away, with 48 percent saying they would either go elsewhere or abandon the purchase if their expectations aren’t met. Blokes from the UK have the highest abandonment speed (58 percent), while Italy showed the lowest (39 percent).

Across the world, 83 percent of online shoppers stated that they need some form of support when shopping online. This is followed by the 59 percent of global users who want more choices in how to contact online brands and companies. These users expressed interest in real-time channels like live chat (57 percent), click to call representative (34 percent), and live video chat (7 percent).

Another juicy tidbit we at Enform believe marketers and ecommerce site owners should pay attention to is what factors users see as creating a great customer experience. Chief among these were getting an issue resolved swiftly, at 82 percent, fixing a problem in just one interaction, at 56 percent, and interacting with a competent and pleasant customer service representative, at 45 percent.

At Enform, we believe that now more than ever is the time to pay attention to providing a superb customer experience for customers who shop online, instead of just settling for having an online channel for them to buy your products, as we have been accustomed to for many years. Take these observations to heart to gain an edge over your competitors.

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