In the beginning…..

… there wasn’t much really. But not long after that and with the creation of civilization we started to communicate with each other.

Before the internet, the printing press, the written word and even language, we as humans started to communicate and connect with each other and have kept at it ever since. What’s this got to do with Enform? Everything.

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Jim Gurieff

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  • Born to communicate,Jack Witowski was only a few days old, but he could tell his parents and the nurses that noise bothered him and he’d rather not be touched. His face would turn red and he’d stiffen his arms and legs.

    “It was really difficult to think this is my baby and I’m disturbing him,” says Jack’s mother, Kathy, of Chicago. But with the nurse’s help, Kathy and her husband, Bill, soon learned how to read and respond to Jack’s special signals.