Instagram: The new “old” social media networking habit of Australians

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A Look at the Instagram Habits of Australians

In case you’ve managed to completely shut yourself out from the world of social media, Instagram is a social networking service that revolves around taking photos and videos, and sharing them across various social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Flickr. Instagram’s main appeal is how users can only take photos confined to a square dimension and how they can apply “old school” digital filters to them that give the images a vintage feel.

Not surprisingly, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Australia, but just how popular is it?

Since 2010, The Works, a unique ad agency that specialises in digital media, and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), have worked towards helping Australian marketers get real insights into social media. This year, The Works and UTS have set their sights on Instagram, culminating in a study called Datafication.


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Filtering options that Instagram offers


City with Most Instagram Photos

First on Datafication’s findings is a look at Australia’s most Instagrammed cities.

A look at the Instagram photos captured in Australia over the past four weeks shows:

  • Sydney – 7,529
  • Melbourne – 3,403
  • Brisbane – 2,072
  • Perth – 1,765
  • Gold Coast – 1,765
  • Adelaide – 1,376
  • Darwin – 839
  • Hobart – 668

Sydney takes a dominant league over other cities in Australia, with more than double the photos taken on Instagram compared to Melbourne.

Usual Instagram Statistics

Datafication also looked at the behaviour of the typical Instagram user in Australia and their location in the country.

The majority of Instagram users are located on the east coast, in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The typical user also takes an average of 10 photos per month, or 2.3 photos every week.

For marketers, it pays to know when their communications are being seen the most, the better to their messages more effective. Datafication shows that Australian Instagram users use the social network most on Sunday. As for daily peak usage, Aussie Instagrammers are most active at 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, and 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

Hashtag Mania

It seems Australians are also hashtag crazy, and even though these tags come and go, Instagram users in the country use the following words the most:

  1. #INSTAGOOD – 1,636,997
  2. #PHOTOOFTHEDAY – 1,490,632
  3. #AUSTRALIA – 1,127,420
  4. #PICOFTHEDAY – 1,074,829
  5. #LOVE – 1,060,260
  6. #IGERS – 1,030,121
  7. #INSTAMOOD – 981,415
  8. #IPHONEONLY – 811,547
  9. #BESTOFTHEDAY – 799,301
  10. #CUTE – 795,885

If you’ve yet to take Instagram seriously as a marketing platform, take a look at Datafication’s findings on which brands are hashtagged the most.

  1. #AUSTRALIA – 1,127,420
  2. #IPHONE – 599,190
  3. #CANON – 38,756
  4. #APPLE – 22,236
  5. #FACEBOOK – 19,183
  6. #NIKE – 14,895
  7. #FORD – 7,689
  8. #MACCAS – 7,665
  9. #NISSAN – 7,132
  10. #MCDONALDS – 6,839

We at Enform believe that Datafication should help in putting context to your marketing communications. However, it should also be pointed out that these findings are in no way conclusive.