Keeping Track of Website Uptime – How to Do it with Enform

Never has it been more important for you to have an online presence and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sounds easy but how do you know it really is?

Uptime and Downtime

Websites unfortunately, are fickle things, running into hiccups both minor and major in nature from time to time. A few of these hiccups are unavoidable; for instance, your webhost might guarantee 100% uptime, but in reality, that’s a tough promise for anyone in the industry to live up to, so the rare crash and ‘404 not found’ isn’t something to really panic about. Uptime is essentially the amount of time a site spends up and running, and is usually noted down as a percentage (e.g. 99% uptime). Downtime is the exact opposite.

web page uptime monitoring

Many web host servers promise a 99.9% uptime…


Site downtime can be caused by both external and internal factors, but what’s more important to note is that many business owners aren’t even aware that a site can go down, simply relying on their webhost’s promise of 100 percent uptime. In addition, many people who run a website make the wrong assumption that because their sites are visible to them, it’s safe to assume that it’s also available to everyone else—this is not necessarily so.

Downtime Consequences                                                                          

Uptime is money, and every time your site experiences downtime, you not only lose money, you also lose a bunch of important intangibles, such as lose customer loyalty, business opportunities, and customers. Remember that in the fast-paced world of the Internet, a downed website is equal to inactivity, and inactivity does nothing but breed negative impressions.

A site that’s down for a mere 24 hours might not seem like a big deal, but when your site is an avenue for sales, you can begin to grasp just how important uptime is.

downtime 404 not found 404 error web page monitoring

The infamous 404 Page Not Found error.

Why Keep Track of Uptime?

Downtime happens to the best sites on the Web, even giants like Facebook and Twitter. The best you can is track your website uptime along with some important statistics, like traffic, conversions and more. This information allows you to determine just what it is that’s causing your site problems; it could be a script problem, an overloaded server, database problems, or what have you.

Another reason to keep track of uptime is that it allows you to evaluate your webhost’s services—if your uptime is below 95 percent, you can switch hosts or move for a reimbursement to get your money’s worth.

The good news is that we at Enform can help you solve this problem. We offer uptime/downtime monitoring services that allow you to track your sites in real time, keeping tabs on information ranging from statistics to performance measurements. Whether you’re a blogger with a healthy stream of followers, or a business owner with an e-commerce site, we can offer services tailored to your needs, working for you to keep you up with the competition.