Marketing Trends you Shouldn’t Miss Out On

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Kindness Marketing

Despite being only halfway through the year, a number of significant trends in marketing have already cropped up, forcing marketers to make changes to their strategies to accommodate new consumer behaviours. The advent of social networks and the increasing trend of brands giving back to the community are just two of the major trends that have made waves in the marketing industries.

Here’s a closer look at the most noteworthy marketing developments during the past 8 months.

The F-Factor

The F-Factor simply refers to the trend of marketers tapping into the circle of friends, fans and followers on social networks, encouraging them to discuss and purchase products and services through digital channels.

The F-Factor features five components through which consumer behaviour is influenced.

F-Discovery, which refers to the consumers’ method/s of discovering new goods and services through social networks

F-Rated, which refers to the trend of consumers putting more stock in peer reviews and ratings from online communities and social networks

F-Together, which refers to the trend of consumers purchasing goods and services in groups

F-Me, which refers to the trend of social networks offering custom products and services designed to match a user’s social behavior

Corporate Random Acts of Kindness

Another important trend we’ve observed is the brand recognition corporations have gained by making random acts of kindness. Whether it’s offering random discounts and bargains to consumers, engaging with them to generate ideas and or just responding to consumer feedback through social networks in a sincere manner, consumers have responded very positively to this trend.


Yet another major trend marketers have observed is the efficacy of marketing efforts specifically targeted towards urban dwellers. As rapid urbanization is continually on the rise, it only makes sense to concentrate on “Citysumers,” an amalgamation of the words, “city consumers.” With densely-populated urban communities acting as magnets for social interaction, marketing efforts stand a better chance of succeeding here.

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