More People to Spend for Books and Clothes Online, while Eastern Online Consumers Outnumber Those of the West

By July 29, 2011 Blog No Comments

According to a 2010 Nielsen survey that involved close to 30,000 Internet users from different regions of the world, a good 46 percent of online consumers have said that they will buy books online over the next 6 months. This figure was followed closely by 36 percent of global online consumers who plan on buying clothing online during the next 6-month period.

Other figures collected by the Nielsen survey include airline tickets, represent 32 percent; electronic gear, at 27 percent and airline reservations, at 26 percent.

When it comes to global online consumer spending on the other hand, the survey showed that consumers from the Eastern hemisphere spent more than online shoppers from the West. Online consumers from the East spent more time and money shopping online. The survey data shows that only 40 percent of Eastern consumers spend less than 5 percent of their monthly expenditures on the web, a significant difference to the 51 percent of Western consumers who spend the same small amount online.

The real difference between Western and Eastern consumer online spending however, occurs in the number of consumers who spend 11 to 25 percent and 26 to 50 percent of their total monthly expenses online. The survey shows that 19 percent of Eastern consumers spent up to 25 percent of their total monthly expenditures on the web, while only 14 percent of Western consumers do so.

Consumers from the Asia-Pacific region were also shown to have spent for products and services at least once in their lives. Close to 9 out of 10, or 87 percent, of Asia-Pacific consumers have shopped through the web, outnumbering Europe’s 85 percent, North America’s 83 percent and South America’s 82 percent.

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