Opening emails: Desktop vs Mobiles

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Study Finds Email Click-to-Open Rate Higher on Desktops than Mobiles

Although the rise of mobile device usage has changed the manner in which we go through our electronic mail, a recent study by Yesmail Interactive shows that while 49% of email opens occur on a mobile device of some sort, interaction rates on mobile devices actually fell behind desktop rates by a significant margin. In fact, the study, which sampled 11 industries, found that click-to-open (CTO) rate for emails read on desktops was around double the rate of emails opened on mobile devices (22.6 percent on desktops as opposed to 11.1 percent on mobiles).

Glaring Disparities

Yesmail Interactive’s study analysed more than 5 billion emails sent by the company during the second quarter of the year. It found that the gap between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates was particularly high in financial services (10.8 percent on desktops as opposed to 2 percent on mobiles); the marketing and advertising (11.7 percent on desktops as opposed to 3 percent on mobiles); and tech industry verticals (11.5 percent on desktops as opposed to 4 percent on mobiles).

The gap somewhat narrowed in the consumer services industry (30.4 percent on desktops as opposed to 19 percent on mobiles). On the other hand, the study also found that healthcare marketers enjoyed the highest click-to-open rates on desktops at 41.6 percent, and come in at a very close second for the highest mobile click-to-open rate at 18 percent.

So, what does all this mean, you might ask? We at Enform see these gaps in CTO rates as a telling sign that email marketers may be doing things wrong and are missing a crucial opportunity to engage with customers who use mobile devices.

Desktop CTO Rates by Industry

To give you a better look at email viewership preferences, Yesmail Interactive took the liberty of looking at desktop CTO rates by industry. Their study shows that the healthcare industry took the lion’s share of desktop email opens, at 52 percent, with B2B coming in at a close second, at 49 percent. It’s worth pointing out that B2B showed the largest share of mobile-only users at 48 percent, with just 3 percent reporting to be hybrid users, or users who viewed emails on both desktops and mobiles without showing any hard preference for one over the other.

All in all, only a third of users reported to being hybrid users, which indicates that a substantial number of consumers are device-agnostic, that is, they prioritise convenience over device preference for email interactions.

Other Key Findings

Hybrid users were most common in the hospitality and travel industry, at 38 percent.

Apple devices saw the highest number of mobile email activity, affirming other previous findings on the dominance of iOS as far as mobile email opens are concerned. In fact, Yesmail’s research shows a greater skew than what a previous study by Movable Ink found. Yesmail attributes this tilt to Apple’s continued dominance in the tablet market.