The Enform Automailer software package has been built specifically for our clients to help them better manage this very important aspect of electronic marketing, the email mail list. Equally, it is now critical that this process is managed to the latest standards to avoid your brand, domain and mail server being branded as a SPAM source.

Permission based email marketing is still the core of any successful online marketing strategy and is essential for both staying in touch with your existing customers, promoting leads to new customers and finding new prospects. When coupled with a strong web site and a pro-active subscriber and user focus its easy to get your customer and product users to sign up and listen to what you have to say.

The emphasis on “permissions” is critical here and is what separates your regular email from SPAM. Enform Automailer have all the tools you need to integrate with your web site for automatic user subscription as well as allowing for import upload of new subscriber or even manual addition all online via your own custom or XYS Pty Ltd portal.

The same portal is also used to build an online newsletter such as this one using one of our customer templates we prepare for you making it a 5 minute job to type up some good news and send it out to your customers and product user. Once done, a very powerful set of reporting features allow you to then track who’s opened or read your emails, who’s followed any links to your site and who’s taking an interest about what. This way you can tailor your campaigns to better match your audience and built in AB testing means you can actual trial different versions.

But if they’re no longer interested, a couple of clicks and they instantly unsubscribe automatically and without fuss, the system takes care of the rest. Though designed for our customers to “help-them-selves” we’re happy to run the campaigns for you but either way, Enform Automailer is state of the art and the most cost effective way to keep in touch with your clients without risking your online reputation or your mail server integrity.
If you’re interested in following up on this service we’d be delighted to give you an online demonstration to show you the power and simplicity of the system.

You can read more about Automailer by downloading the Automailer Feature Guide.

Or, read the case studies here

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