As one of the first pioneers of ‘viral’ and web marketing in the automotive sector, Enform has a lot of experience with social media and social media marketing (SMM). In fact, Enform were working with “social media” before it had a name.

In the late 90’s and early 00’s, forums and bulletin boards were the precursors to modern social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and are still considered as one of the most powerful and influential digital mediums for creating brand value, product advocates and brand champions.

The principles behind successful social media marketing are actually quite simple and straightforward and include the acceptance that effective marketing in the “new media” or Web 2.0 world is little different to the old but. It’s about conversations and human links however tools are different and they are potentially more powerful than anything that has come before.

Enform are social media marketing experts with 15 years experience and can tailor social media campaigns or solutions for your brand or product regardless of industry.

Find out more about it by reading the social media campaign created for Whiteline and the Subaru community.