Retailers Identify Business Opportunities in E-commerce

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Retailers See Business Opportunity in E-Commerce

According to a marketing report published in January this year by RSR Research, retailers boasting of sales growth of more than 4 percent now see a number of valuable e-commerce opportunities. The study notes that around 65 percent of those surveyed considered enhancing their online merchandising and assortment, followed by 61 percent identifying photo and video, and 59 percent making investments in cross-channel capabilities. On the other hand, for retailers with sales growth not going beyond 4 percent, 57 percent of those surveyed identify ramping up search and browse efforts. Half of this number also reported seeing value in the same opportunities identified by retailers with sales growth over 4 percent.
The results are hardly surprising, considering the mindset of today’s typical consumer. Another study by Oracle, this time released in December 2011, highlighted the common desire of consumers for online shopping sites to have better and more visually detailed information about their products and better search features within the e-commerce site itself.
This has led to retailers learning to manage and prioritize their resources in a better way to take advantage of as many online opportunities as possible. The study shows that 43 percent of retail respondents said that they lack the e-commerce resources to capitalize on all opportunities available to them. While it is still a fairly high number, when compared to last year’s 59 percent, it’s a significant (27 percent) decline.
Enform believes the problem of clearly identifying a return of investment from utilizing e-commerce opportunities remains a problem to some extent. Around 53 percent of those surveyed cited it as a concern, marking a slight increase from the 47 percent of the previous year. Likewise, there was also an increase in the respondents who said that existing infrastructure and technology is stifling their growth. Get in touch with us anytime if you need help in capitalizing on the power of the web.

Source: RSR Research