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Enform and TecDoc Australia Unveil PARts

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Enform recently announced the release of its PARts product application data solution. The solution was created as part of a deal between Enform and TecDoc Australia, and is specifically geared towards dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket industry.

PARts is the first integrated system of its kind to use a global vehicle industry standard for sharing information about products with staff, clients and dealers. PARts is also capable of powering a company’s entire printed catalogue through a cloud database on the Web acting as a single product management solution.

Enform collaborated with TecDoc Solutions to tap into the company’s vehicle and product  classification database. From there, Enform developed a host of web based and desktop tools to control the system. Enform’s PARts system features a web hosted master database giving the convenience of cloud storage, paired with a unique range of SaaS (software as a service) tools.

Perhaps one of the best things about PARts is that it focuses on end-to-end solutions, and can even be connected to other standard data systems, such as North America’s ACES PIES standard. This effectively makes it far easier for manufacturers to transfer information and manage their customers’ web stores, regardless of which major market in the world they’re in.

Enform has designed PARts in a way that allows retailers and wholesalers to use the system to view supplier data registered with TecDoc. Users can do this thanks to a system-enhanced module that enables one to add unique “enhanced” data along with supplier data.

PARts is especially suitable for manufacturers of 4×4 and performance aftermarket products thanks to its ability to power retail websites like eBay that require media-rich content and higher levels of product detail.

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