A/B Testing makes Email Marketing Simple

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One of the most compelling reasons to engage in email marketing is the ability to measure almost everything about the online marketing method. From click-throughs, impressions, to redirects to your site, Automailer lets you test these factors in some way or another, significantly eliminating the problem of guesswork.

Automailer A/B testing is one of the relatively newer tools available to measure email marketing campaigns. And while it hasn’t quite picked up in popularity just yet, its capabilities increase your click-through rates by enhancing your email content.
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Tested, Streamlined Content

A/B testing essentially allows marketers to find out which types or versions of emails get the most clicks from subscribers—think of it as using a focus group.

The benefits can prove invaluable if, for instance, you were to compare two types of content (say a video or image) and determine which version gets the most clicks. You could create two subject line tests and send them both to 50 percent of your email subscribers, with the winning email going to the remaining half of your list.

It’s a straightforward system that adds a huge level of safety and accuracy to your email marketing strategy, making the tool perfect for small businesses looking to run for cost effective campaigns.

It takes only a couple of minutes to set up an A/B content test. Our test client had no problems during the first run, and that’s without reading any documentation!

The Results?

Our test client used 2 different subject lines to create the A/B test difference.
Results showed that Version B generated a massive 279% increase in open rate, in comparison to Version A. Clearly one subject line was more effective in prompting a reaction from the targeted audience. This also resulted in a higher click-through for a win-win.

Needless to say, our client was thrilled with the 279% improvement in open rate results, which were available to him via his Automailer Campaign Snapshot page, live. (Image shown below)

The Catch?

One problem with most A/B testing systems on the market today is that many of them are cumbersome programs with unnecessary features targeted towards corporate users, alienating other segments of the market in the process. Enform, however, offers the A/B testing feature on our Automailer that’s easy to use, even by amateurs.