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Enform Automailer Helps With Email Marketing Rules to Sidestep Junk Filters

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One of the goals of implementing an effective email marketing campaign is to be noticed, but how do you do that when emails don’t even make their way to the receiver? This is a question tackled by a blog post by Being Smarter.

These days, it’s no longer enough to just think about ways to get emails past the watchful eyes of people wary of SPAM. People are no longer the biggest problem, as software and SPAM protection tools have taken their place. One such piece of software that’s indiscriminate in blocking emails with the slightest hint of SPAM is the Outlook Junk filter, the bane of every email marketer.

To help marketers get past this overzealous gatekeeper, Being Smarter highlighted a few rules to take note of in order to get emails to the intended receivers. The rules are based on a discovery by MAPILab, a company that reversed engineered Outlook’s SPAM filter from its 2003 version and beyond. MAPILab points out the steps Outlook takes when determining whether email is SPAM or not.

Some of the rules are:

For subjects and email details

  • Messages sent on weekends are more likely to be identified as SPAM than messages sent on weekdays.
  • Messages with a subject composed primarily of uppercase characters are more likely to be connected with junk email
  • Subjects with multiple duplicate characters are more likely to be labelled as SPAM, particularly when duplicate characters resemble the meaningless sequence of numbers, symbols and letters found in SPAM messages.

For email addresses

  • Outlook’s SPAM filter is programmed to detect and make a correlation with email addresses that contain numbers in their first 8 characters.
  • Email addresses with the words, “Sales,” “Profit,” “Success,” ”Enhance,” and”Mail,” are more likely to be recognised as SPAM.

For message body

  • A message body that contains keywords such as “advertisement,” “extra income,” money back guarantee,” “credit cards accepted” and more are likely to be labelled as SPAM.
  • A message that starts with “Dear friend” will set off some red flags on Outlook’s junk filter
  • Messages that contain symbols such as “000,” “$$,” and “!!” are likely to be marked as SPAM.

The good news is that Automailer automatically tests for a lot of these when running design and anti-SPAM tests however you need to be mindful of some finer points that relate to different industries and product types.

We’re also happy to review your other EDM programs or channels to make sure your message gets through and gets read.