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Good Communications and SEO

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good seo communication

With the number of methods prescribed when it comes to the subject of approaching search engine optimization (SEO), it can be a daunting task choosing which course of action to take. Questions starting with “when,” “where,” and “how,” typically baffle several novices to the marketing method, and even those experienced in it to some extent.

One thing however, is certain. Proper search engine optimization must be done first in the early stages of website building in order to lay a solid foundation and drive traffic right from the very beginning. For business websites, this is a crucial factor in finding prospective customers and keeping existing ones. Doing SEO first is also a key factor in addressing the most basic, yet most important principle in marketing: offering what customers really want, instead of something one thinks they might want.

Effective SEO starts with defining what your business or organization does and offers to the public and then building a message that goes alongside with what people are looking for. This is where the problems start. Too often to do site owners use their own “language” to define their business type and products/services offered, resulting in them missing their intended market, right from the very start.

Website owners cannot be blamed for sticking to what is correct for them. After all, they know firsthand what they are talking about. But effective SEO marketing entails using whatever legal means necessary to cut through. Using language that’s too esoteric will not cut it, especially if your prospective customer base recognizes your products/services by another name.

So what does this mean? Well, when it comes right down to it, you need to worry first about letting people find the information they want in the first place—the only solution to that is doing research. Let’s say the proper name for your product or service is ‘product A’. However, the general public recognizes it as ‘product Z’. Therefore, your SEO efforts must first start with key words and copy around ‘product Z’, while slowly introducing ‘product A’ as you move forward. As you can see, much of this process lies around effective communications, something which many site owners tend to ignore in favor of using as many keywords and hammering on them as much as possible.