Disc Brakes Australia working on new web site

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DBA looks at opportunities in social media through a new and expanded online presence. Here’s what DBA Steve has to say about it.

Hi there,
Its been some time since we spoke and I just wanted to say hello again and let you know what’s been happening at DBA.
The global downturn has affected everyone and most everything, particularly the car industry but our vehicles still need to be serviced. DBA sees this as an important time as people look for value and quality and we’re doing our best to make sure that we continue to deliver. 
Part of the value story is to make it easier for customers to find our product and get it when they need it. To help with that we’ve started working pretty hard on a brand new web site that should hopefully make it easier than ever to find the right DBA product. Another part of the job is making better connections with our customers and so we’re looking at the best possible ways of staying connected and keeping people up to date while still helping out on forums.
The new web site should help here too as we add blogs (yeap, I get to post more stuff), connections to popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and the option to just tune in and see what’s going on. We want to stay connected with the people using our product so I’d like to invite you to start a new connection with DBA as we get closer to the new site release date in August.  A lot of this stuff is also very new to me but I’m told its important (and very current) so here goes….
You can now follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/DBAsteve or using Twitter http://twitter.com/DBASteve/ . Of course the old fashioned email stuff still works using dbasteve@dba.com.au and we’ve still got our Contact page where you can log your details and ask us a question or register here to saty connected via our mail list and member program

http://www.dba.com.au/2006/NEWS/default.asp .

I’m told that on the new site we’ll also have a mail list function where you can subscribe to updates and even join in and comment on what you think of us and what we have to say. Connecting with our customers is a two-way thing and we would like to know to what you think and what we can do for you so please make use of that if you having something to say.
And, one of the important things you might want to say now is that you’d rather we didn’t contact you again and all you need do is click Unsubscribe here to let us know. This should send us an email and we’ll take you off the list. But if you choose to stay with us, we’ll be launching a new feedback program in a week or so leading up to the new web site launch so stay tuned for more details.
In the meantime, make sure you take a look at what’s new from DBA at  http://www.dba.com.au/2006/new_products/new_products.asp and http://www.dba.com.au/2006/EVO/default.asp or feel free to email me directly with any feedback or questions. We very much look forward to staying in touch.
All the best.
DBA Steve