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Study Shows Data on Efficacy of Digital Ads

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Digital Advertising Trends

According to an August 2011 study done by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), search and video advertisements are far more effective “calls to action” when compared to several other types of digital ads. The study, titled “Affluent Consumers in a Digital World,” shows that a little over 40 percent of consumers who view video and search ads are encouraged to take some type of action after seeing the ad online during the past six months

Email and banner ads come in at second, at 37 percent; ads on social networks come in at third, with 28 percent, and mobile ads at fourth with 17 percent.

The study also revealed that ranking percentages are pretty similar when it comes to clicking digital ads. Roughly 45 percent of digital ad viewers surveyed in the study have clicked an ad in the past six months. 38 percent have viewed an advertiser’s website at least once, 18 percent have become a fan or follower on social networks, while 17 percent have actually visited the retail location of an advertised brand or company.

When the respondents were asked about what qualities encourage them to pay attention to digital ads, the study indicated that relevance was the main factor to be considered. This relevance includes ads that are correlated to the website or page they’re viewing, ads that are relevant to their needs, and ads that are based on demographics and location.

Affluent consumers were also shown to have slightly different ad viewing natures. Described as having a household income exceeding $100,000, affluent consumers were indicated to react more positively to relevant ads on websites and pages, as well as ads that are relevant to location and interests. However, ads that are demographically targeted were shown to be ineffective with affluent consumers.

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