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Designing e-Commerce Pages For Shoppers

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Image:  E-commerce Website Design by Kip-koech (licensed under CC by 2.0)

Image: E-commerce Website Design by Kip-koech (licensed under CC by 2.0)

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, there are 5 kinds of e-commerce shoppers you should keep in mind when designing your e-commerce pages. These are:

  1. Product focused – know what they want and they want it fast;
  2. Browsers – have time to browse around and need to see what’s new;
  3. Researchers – need easy way to look up and compare product information;
  4. Bargain hunters – look for a great sale; and
  5. One-time shoppers – may also be one of the other four, and hate creating and registering an account with you.

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Content Quality Plays Huge Factor in E-commerce

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When it comes to e-commerce, the rules are pretty simple. If customers have difficulty in finding a product, then it’s safe to assume that the customers won’t be able to purchase the product in question.

Content Quality

However, even the absence or difficulty in finding information about a product featured on an e-commerce site can sometimes be enough to deter customers from making a purchase.

Recently concluded studies affirm this observation, showing that the bigger issue had more to do with finding relevant content about the product than finding the product itself. The study, which involved 143 reports of user failure to purchase a product online, showed that over 55 percent of all reports had to do with bad content on the site—the observation was that incomplete content, a complete lack of it and error messages caused consumers to go make a purchase elsewhere. Even more telling is the fact that the surveyed customers intended to contact the site via phone or email—a clear testament of how the site failed to deliver the information their customers need right away.

The biggest mistake owners and webmasters of e-commerce sites make is that they fail to understand the major downsides of e-commerce. When developing an e-commerce site, one must first acknowledge the fact that customers are unable to taste, smell, feel and touch the offered products. Customers also do not have the confidence of knowing the quality of a product before buying it. In other words, customers are making a risk by making purchases on products they know nothing about. Online shopping revolves around plenty of information and relying on the experiences of others.

This of course, is where good content comes into play. It doesn’t matter if it’s visual or verbal, just as long as it makes customers as comfortable as possible—comfortable enough to want to trust the site with their money. If you need help in getting your content trusted by your visitors, get in touch with Enform now.