The Secret behind the Success of E-Tailers: Part II

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60 Minutes Does Story on Online Retail Revolution

In part I of this article series, we touched base on the present state of online shopping and e-tailers, as well as the factors that have contributed towards their growth and success, as discussed in the recent episode of 60 Minutes, titled “The Retail Revolution.”

In part II, we take a look at the possible effects of this trend and how other entrepreneurs can market and sell their products online.

In our first article, we mentioned that the Web has grown to become the natural home of commodities, which are essentially what e-tailers are selling online. It’s also worth adding however that when it comes to items from large and established brands, consumers will immediately look at two factors: price and convenience. When these two factors are concerned, the Web almost always has shopping solutions that win over conventional shopping.

Clothing and Fashion

Furthermore, if clothing and fashion products have succeeded in moving online, what about goods that normally don’t need to be touched and felt? That however may soon change, as some traditional retailers have suggested charging “fitting fees” to customers who come in to brick and mortar stores to try out some items, only to purchase them online at cheaper prices.

Shopping Model not Perfect

Of course, this isn’t to say that the online shopping formula is a guaranteed win-win situation for all types of retailers. Jewellery stores for example, may have a difficult time succeeding since the nature of the goods they provide are too sensitive (this brings in questions such as authenticity, quality and the like). Unless if it’s a major name such as Tiffany’s for example, jewellery retailers will have to up their marketing and advertising efforts to compensate their lack of a brand presence.

Issues and Problem Areas

Yet another issue that needs to be addressed is returns and deliveries. Styletread.com.au for example, is the largest online retailer of shoes in Australia, with a superb money-back guarantee and free delivery to customers. However, what many people don’t know is that consumers have begun to order multiple shoe sizes to try them on and return the rest that don’t fit. This of course, raises questions on viability.

The Bottom Line

If there’s one thing that can be said about e-tailers, it’s that the most successful ones have managed to come as close to the High Street experience as possible, whilst compensating in other areas (such as shipping and delivery times) to offset the absence of being able to touch and feel products. Styletread.com.au is one such e-tailer that’s doing this, but it remains to be seen what they will do about the consequences of their offer. One thing is certain though, e-tailing is here to stay and it continue to evolve for the better and Enform will be keeping up with it.

The Secret Behind the Success of E-Tailers

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If you’ve never tried shopping online before, or have never realized the growth and rate of expansion of the Internet shopping industry, what you see just may astound you. The growing number of e-tailers across the country—and the world for that matter—have enjoyed stability, even growth, in the worst economy crisis since the Depression.  Traditional retailers however, are struggling to compete with dwindling customers and low online retail prices.

So the question is, why are people going for the online option?


It’s not just one single reason that’s responsible to this massive shift, but rather a combination of factors that are getting people hooked to the virtual marketplace.

For one, the variety of goods found on the Internet is staggering; think of any product or item right now, there’s bound to be an online store on the Web selling it. Secondly, E-tailers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so consumers aren’t boxed in by store hours. Goods sold online are also generally cheaper, largely because online businesses don’t have to pay rent and maintain a large staff. Best of all is the convenience of not having to leave home just to buy a product you’re interested in.

Even more surprising is the rise of online fashion retailers, whose products often need to be felt, touched and of course, fitted before purchase. If the clothing and fashion industry can find a niche online, then the possibilities for products that don’t have to be viewed, touched or felt before purchase are practically limitless.

The advent of online retailers was recently featured on an episode of 60 Minutes, with the story focusing on a handful of successful e-tailers. If anything, the episode clearly showed one thing: the shift from offline to online is inevitable.

When it comes right down to it, these retailers are simply taking advantage of society’s growing dependence on the Internet. The brands featured in the 60 Minutes story were simply selling commodities, which have clearly found a natural home on the Web, regardless of their product category. With the low prices and convenience e-tailers have to offer, the web definitely wins against traditional retailers 90 percent of the time. If you need help in taking advantage of the power of the internet for your business, Enform’s just a call away.