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Enform Ebay auto parts sales index shows 25% growth on 2014

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ebay_australia_policiesEnforms focus on e-commerce and digital marketing has meant a lot of experience with e-tailing and B2C solutions particularly for the auto parts aftermarket. Ebay is one of the largest retail sales channels for auto parts worldwide and the Australian site is one of the largest market places for auto parts in Australia with an estimated TTV (total transactional value) in excess of $600 mil for 2015 calendar year.

This makes it a useful measure for the health and future prospects of this growing area of online selling. So thanks to some handy online tools, Enform has built its Ebay auto parts sales index to track sales growth to provide advice and insights for its customers.

The key criteria used to build and maintain this index are:

  • Filtering for sales under “Car & Truck Parts” category only so we exclude marine, motor cycle, camping and other non-auto parts products
  • Total and individual sales by a selection of 50+ individual Ebay.com.au sellers
  • Total and individual sales by a selection of 20+ key product types or keywords used in listing titles
  • Total and individual sales by a selection of 65+ product brands or brand names used in listing titles

The data has been collated each month for over a year providing an index that can be used to track total growth and changes across a variety of metrics. Enform will aim to provide snapshots of this data from time to time but this resource is also available to customers that would like specific data, product segments or competitor information researched or reported on.
This month, we’d like to summarise some of the key metrics of the last few months to help provide some guidance to online auto parts sellers. Some examples include;

Total October 2015 growth on 2014 exceeds 25%
Regardless of the metric used, sales of Car & Truck Parts category grew between 25-27% in October 2015 when compared with 2014. This shows a consistent pattern for the calender year in general.

  • Stand out growing product types include filters at 74%, towbars at 43%, tyres at 93%
  • Poor performers include coilovers that dropped 32% while performance category filters slumped by 13% year on year

October is a relatively poor month overall with 18.5% lower sales than August
Based on TTV across all metrics, October is a relatively poor sales month with many believing school holidays and Christmas lead up dampening demand. Using our selection of “Sellers”, this equates to 18.5% lower TTV when compared with the August peak which seems to be the top month recently regardless of metric used.

  • 30% of all Sellers went backward in October 2015 compared with October 2014
  • However 52% of all Sellers sales grew by more than 30% compared with 2014

Brands and brand names grow faster than product types but slower than sellers.
Seems confusing but what we’re saying here is that while established brand names are growing faster than simple product names, these brands are not growing as fast as the market place overall as measured by the growth in Sellers TTV. Possible interpretations here inlcude;

  • Brand names are not as relevant when compared with overall demand via the market place and for established sellers
  • Brands are emerging and growing faster than can be measured at the moment
  • Home-brands are growing with Sellers offering their own solutions including kits and bundles

As you can see, there are a lot of potential opportunities to analyse and help understand but there seems little doubt that this channel is the engine room of growth for this important segment of auto parts and accessories sales in Australia and wordlwide.

Feel free to contact myself or the Enform team about how we can help your business perform better in auto parts e-commerce.


eBay Pulse for Online Marketers

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eBay Pulse is a specialty site under the eBay umbrella that’s designed to provide useful information on popular search terms stores, products, trends and most-watched items on eBay. It’s essentially a comprehensive guide that allows both the consumer and seller to find out what’s going on eBay. eBay Pulse contains dynamic lists that make it easy to locate specific information, ranging from marketplace categories, searches, stores and product prices.

eBay was essentially created to help consumers make sense of the chaos in eBay by providing them with an in-depth look of what’s HOT. It’s a tool provided by eBay that helps users find exactly what they want, when they want it. It can be information about a particular store, product, price, location and more. This makes eBay Pulse a highly attractive solution for individuals new to eBay.

However, it’s a little known fact that eBay Pulse can also be an extremely useful tool for online marketers. eBay Pulse is a goldmine for niche marketing ideas, and all marketers have to do take advantage of this feature is to log on to eBay Pulse and choose a category on the upper left hand of the screen. Once that’s done, a list of popular search terms will appear, as well as the largest stores for that category.

Here’s an example below:

Here we look up eBay’s automotive parts category on eBay Pulse, labelled as “eBay Motors”. After running a search, online marketers immediately get a list of the 10 most popular searches on the auction site.

What’s great about eBay Pulse is that right off the bat, the most popular search terms provide a great start for any marketing campaign. Online marketers can delve deeper into eBay Pulse by clicking category and selecting a sub-category. Do note that eBay Pulse is already used by hundreds of affiliate marketers, so it’s best to dig deeper within the sub-categories to acquire niche marketing ideas. Get in touch with Enform if you need further help.