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eBay Pulse for Online Marketers

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eBay Pulse is a specialty site under the eBay umbrella that’s designed to provide useful information on popular search terms stores, products, trends and most-watched items on eBay. It’s essentially a comprehensive guide that allows both the consumer and seller to find out what’s going on eBay. eBay Pulse contains dynamic lists that make it easy to locate specific information, ranging from marketplace categories, searches, stores and product prices.

eBay was essentially created to help consumers make sense of the chaos in eBay by providing them with an in-depth look of what’s HOT. It’s a tool provided by eBay that helps users find exactly what they want, when they want it. It can be information about a particular store, product, price, location and more. This makes eBay Pulse a highly attractive solution for individuals new to eBay.

However, it’s a little known fact that eBay Pulse can also be an extremely useful tool for online marketers. eBay Pulse is a goldmine for niche marketing ideas, and all marketers have to do take advantage of this feature is to log on to eBay Pulse and choose a category on the upper left hand of the screen. Once that’s done, a list of popular search terms will appear, as well as the largest stores for that category.

Here’s an example below:

Here we look up eBay’s automotive parts category on eBay Pulse, labelled as “eBay Motors”. After running a search, online marketers immediately get a list of the 10 most popular searches on the auction site.

What’s great about eBay Pulse is that right off the bat, the most popular search terms provide a great start for any marketing campaign. Online marketers can delve deeper into eBay Pulse by clicking category and selecting a sub-category. Do note that eBay Pulse is already used by hundreds of affiliate marketers, so it’s best to dig deeper within the sub-categories to acquire niche marketing ideas. Get in touch with Enform if you need further help.