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The Essentials for Engaging Fans on your Facebook Page

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If you manage a fan page or business page on Facebook, you probably know that there are many ways to reach out to your audience. The type of content you can share varies greatly, from simple text-based updates, links to content outside Facebook, to videos and photos. Each type of content has its own strengths and weakness, but it’s not the type of content that matters at the end of the day. It’s how you create your message and send it out that makes your breaks your chances of engaging your audience.

Many brands have successfully developed messaging strategies that increase engagement on their Facebook pages—with results that hit two birds with one stone. On one hand, you have a strategy that instantly triggers engagement in the form of likes and comments; while on the other hand, you have fans who are inspired and looking forward to more content from you.

They key now is to find a Facebook content strategy that works for you. Fortunately, all that takes is looking at what companies have done successfully when it comes to engaging their fan bases on Facebook. It’s as simple as taking a page out of their books.

Take Advantage of your Fans’ Passions

Since your fans ‘liked’ you on Facebook in the first place, it’s safe to assume that you already know what they’re interested in.  If you’re in the restaurant industry, then tap into your specialty—food. Talk about food trends, how you prepare your signature dishes and more. If you’re a fashion brand on the other hand, stream content that talks about style, haute couture, and design.

The key to formulating engagement-fuelling content on Facebook is making sure it matches the personality of your fans. Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds, as even content you may think is stimulating to you audience may be met with a tepid response. Don’t be afraid to try things out—it’s Facebook, not some kind of exam you have to ace.

Ask Questions—Make them Simple and “Stupid”

When it comes to Facebook, users generally want a no-frills experience, especially when it comes to the content they see. Ask yourself how you want to interact with brands on Facebook: do you prefer a quick and easy experience, or one that takes more time and thought? It doesn’t take a PhD to figure that one out.

You see, interactions with Facebook brands generally don’t offer users any reward, so be sure to make things and easy for them as possible. Posting questions are a great way of engaging your audience, but the secret lies in the type of questions to ask. Open-ended questions that require thought and time usually don’t fare well especially when compared to close-ended questions, which take just a few seconds to answer at most.

Give Your Fans Instructions

As crazy as it sounds, telling your fans exactly what you want them to do on your Facebook page is usually effective in getting them engaged. Instructive language such as, “Click on the Like button,” actually gets more likes than messages with a more ambiguous intent. Facebook’s ‘Like’ button is  a feature that’s just begging marketers to be taken advantage of, as it’s so easy to get people to ‘Like’ content. It’s proof that a strong call to action, even in the world of social media, is better than leaving things to the interpretation of your audience.

Fans are VIPs

When you set up a Facebook page in conjunction with your website, what were your goals for creating the page in the first place? Many brands have taken the approach of using their official website as the official catalogue of their products and services, with their Facebook pages serving as a portal to the site and a place where customers can be ‘social’ and get access to exclusive offers.

For many consumers, the goal of “Liking” a brand or company on Facebook is to acquire access to exclusive content, deals and promotions. In other words, your fans want to be ‘in’ on a secret. Offering a VIP experience on Facebook fuels the desire to feel special, so be sure to make your fans feel privileged with content that makes them special. This often entails giving out special deals, but the simple act of creating a community for them and giving them an unofficial name is enough to do the job—just look at how Justin Bieber’s fans refer to themselves as Beliebers.

Invite Personal Interactions

Forming a connection with your community of fans on Facebook is easy enough, but if you really want to keep them committed to following your daily updates, take things a notch higher and respond to them personally. Whenever possible, make it a point to respond to your fans by name and answer queries one by one. Of course, if you have over 20,000 fans, that sort of thing will be easier said than done, but try anyway and apologise for not being able to reply to all messages. Your fans will appreciate the time and effort you spent answering their questions and encourages them to keep posting on your page. It’s this personal touch that many brands on Facebook have tried and failed to add to their pages.

This brings us to the next essential of engaging content on Facebook.

Add a Human Factor to your Brand

Facebook and the social media platform in general gives brands and companies the opportunity to turn themselves from anonymous corporate entities, to organisations with real, actual people behind them. Users love it when brands add a human element to the way they stream content on their Facebook pages, such as by showing behind-the-scenes photos.

Giving your fans access to content that takes them to how a product is made, how a service is delivered, or even how company employees enjoy their employment with a company works wonders when it comes to humanising a brand.

This type of content also serves to give fans of your brand a VIP experience, treating them to an almost firsthand look of the personality and colour of your brand. It also allows users to relate to you better and reminds them your brand is made up of real people whom they can communicate with.

If all these seems a little hazy to you, why not give Enform a call to discuss what strategies might work well with your Facebook campaign?