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Study Takes Closer Look at Facebook Users’ Activities and Habits

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Facebook Activity Chart

A recent study done by Pew Internet delved deep into the social networking habits of Facebook users. Unlike other previous studies that only scratched the surface through interviews and surveys, Pew Internet’s study was different because researches were actually given access to respondents’ Facebook logs. Researchers were able to better investigate the different activities of Facebook users, how these activities were linked to the number of friends a Facebook user has, and find better answers to other commonly asked questions.

Unbalanced activities

Pew Internet noted a consistent occurrence in their sample wherein Facebook users received more feedback for their content than what they gave to their friends—feedback comes in likes, comments and shares. However, this imbalance is due to the subset of Facebook ‘power’ users who use the site heavily, liking, commenting, sharing and chatting with friends far more than the average Facebook users, which explains why it appears that they receive more than they give.

Friend requests received outnumber those sent

Pew Internet’s sample shows that around 40 percent of those in the study sent a friend request within the social network during the first month of observation. It’s a big difference to the 63 percent of users who were found to have received friend requests during the same time period. Power users once again, are an exemption, making at least 1 friend request per week.

More likes received than given

Just as with friend requests, users in the sample received more likes than they gave. Liking, by far one of the most popular activities on Facebook, was surprisingly something not everyone in the sample engaged in. About 33 percent were found to have clicked on the liked button once per week, while 37 percent had their content liked by a friend by just as much. The majority of users however, did not engage in using the like feature, nor did they receive likes.

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