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Enform Offers App that Allows Facebook ‘Likes’ to be Converted into Email Newsletter Subscribers

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For site owners running a social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Enform now offers a Facebook app, or application, that allows Facebook users who have liked their pages to have access to a subscribe form  to your newsletter on the page itself. This feature makes it easier for Facebook page owners and managers such as yourself to convert Facebook likes into email subscribers, a step closer into making them regular customers.

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Enform’s latest Facebook app is a is a blessing for business owners who have been looking to merge their social media efforts with their email marketing campaigns. While having both may seem redundant and counterproductive, integration between the two methods of online marketing significantly expands the reach of your messages. Having a subscription page on a Facebook page ultimately allows you to hit two birds with one stone, increasing both your fans on the social network and your subscribers to your email list.

It’s worth pointing out that email newsletter integration has been present with ordinary Facebook profiles for quite some time. Due to limitations on Facebook’s API, the integration of subscription forms with Facebook pages has only been a recent addition. Still, it’s better late than never, and we know firsthand the demand for such a feature.

Remember that social media is essentially a dependence on email at its most fundamental level. In fact, it’s impossible to create a profile on a social network or social media site without first having an email address. Using both your Facebook page and email newsletters maximizes their effectiveness and allows you to reach your marketing goals faster.

Boost the effectiveness of your newsletters and give them a touch of social media power from Facebook. Try out Enform’s automailer service and see for yourself how it will work for you. You won’t be disappointed.