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Understanding Google’s Targeted Marketing Feature

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The advent of behavioural targeting in online marketing has forced many marketers to redefine their strategies. The concept behind behavioural targeting lies in building profiles around web users by inferring what their interests are based on the websites they visit.

For a search engine like Google, ads are targeted by recording data on what searches users make. Google’s ‘Demographics’ is an analytics feature that gives valuable insight into how Google targets users with online ads.  For website owners and marketers, making proper use of Google’s Demographics feature helps ensure that you’re getting the most out of the mileage of your ads.

Why is this a big deal, you may ask? For one, this option helps marketers running PPC campaigns through Google save time and money by not targeting ads to web users who are either not interested, or are negatively predisposed toward the products or services being advertised. Moreover, having direct access to information about what a target market wants has always been the holy grail of sorts for marketers.

However, it must be pointed out that despite the usefulness of Google’s targeting tool, it still uses a lot of guesswork at its heart. The guesses may have become more educated, but they are still guesses nonetheless. This is glaringly evident in Google Ad Preferences, a search engine feature that allows users to select what type of ads they want to see. Here, Google places its assumption of a user’s demographic data, such as age and gender. Unfortunately, the search engine often gets such data wrong, which again proves that much of targeted marketing is still guesswork.

Whether or not targeted or fixed Internet ads and results are the future of online marketing is up for debate. However, it would be foolish not to give it a try as a marketer. Any information to go with is better than no information at all, and that’s what targeted marketing is about at its core: providing the most accurate audience data as possible.

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