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Google “Instant” Changes The Way We View SEM Campaigns

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Google’s launch of “Google Instant”, a speedy new search offering that lets users search as they type has a number of implications for SEM. With Google Instant, the search engine technology is capable of predicting a user’s search query — in gray text — before he or she finishes typing it.

A great enhancement for the user with some quirks or its own but it has become widely assumed that the introduction of Google Instant is going to boost search prices for advertisers. The reasoning is this: Because the user could choose a search result before finishing writing out his or her query, advertisers may be forced to bid more for more common terms.

Maybe so, but maybe not, says Greg Sterling, principal of Sterling Market Intelligence. “I don’t think we should prematurely jump to conclusions. Let’s see how this has played out in a few weeks or months from now,” he tells MarketingVOX. Instead of pricing rising, they could fall as marketers double down on their organic search processes in response, he suggested.

In the meantime, here’s some issues and questions raised by the new technology as it relates top online marketing;

  • More people will focus on fewer searches. That is, it is probably likely to increase competition for fewer keywords.
  • Long-tail search gets de-emphasized. The current paradigm of building a series of relevant keyword strings for “long-tail” searches will need to be re-evaluated.
  • Google Instant is going to crowd out the short-term and amateurish marketers. Good news for marketers that take SEM seriously as it should preference those that take a more analytical approach to SEM

Enform’s research shows that Google’s share of inbound search generated traffic is still around 95% of the total and may have even grown in the last 12 months. Based on that sort of dominance, a strong SEM strategy harnessing Google’s strengths is essential any but the advent of Instant make this critical.

Source  – Marketing Vox