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Marketing Opportunities on Instagram

At Enform, one of the most frequent questions we get from users revolves around the possibilities of using the popular photo and video sharing social network, Instagram, as a marketing tool.

Instagram is a free mobile app available on both iOS and Android (and soon Windows Phone) that allows users to take photos and videos and share them with their followers. The service is quick, easy, and fun to use, with users being able to choose from 20 image filters that they can apply to their photos, giving them a “vintage” look, reminiscent of the old 1:1 Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images.

In 2011, Instagram added hashtags to promote the discoverability of photographs and link users with each other. It’s through hashtags and @mentions where marketers and businesses can take advantage of the platform.

One of the main reasons why marketers should consider Instagram as a marketing platform lies in its mobility. With more and more users now owning a mobile device of some sort, web usage behaviors have unsurprisingly changed, with mobile apps now getting more usage. In fact, one study shows that 40 percent of web users respond better to visual content like image and video than plain text.

Instagram, when used correctly, offers a great way to communicated with your audience whom you can build trust and credibility with; it’s a social network that allows you to show people what your business is up to in a dead simple manner.


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Ken Block’ss Instagram (@Kblock43), with 350K+ followers, it is one of the most popular in the automotive scene.



Taking good photos and videos isn’t easy, but Instagram allows amateurs to create beautiful and expressive photographs and videos with tools that make the process quick and simple. Gone are the days of artistic images created solely with Photoshop—Instagrams filter presets are now the way to go.

From the view of business and marketing, when an image of video grabs your attention, you can choose to like that post and/or click the account to follow it, getting updates from the account on your feed. All you need to do for your audience to do that is tell a good enough story through your visual content.


Just like Twitter, Instagram allows for hashtags, which can be used along with image or video posts.  The hashtags you use to describe your content are the means in which people can find or follow you.  Think of them as keywords associated with your brand or product.

Playing on Emotions

Think of Instagram as a ‘roided up version of Twitter. The microblogging concept is still there, but instead of just 140 characters, you get to market your brand and products with the use of imagery. And while many in the B2B may instantly think “product photos!” remember that it shouldn’t be just about the products you sell. Instagram is all about tapping into the feelings of people with images, whether it’s  photos of sunsets, nature, oceans, food, or whatever else is visually pleasing.

Sure, corporate adoption of Instagram may not be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started with the platform anyway.