eBay teams up with Enform!

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We have got some exciting news! eBay have selected Enform PARts as one of their Professional Services to help sellers to list their parts and/or accessories on eBay Motors using the newly launched Master Vehicle List (MVL).

Starting November 15th, eBay buyers will be able to lookup spare parts and accessories that fit their vehicle. Enform PARts are helping eBay sellers and parts suppliers to map their product to the MVL to ensure that their Parts Compatibility database is current, accurate and simple to use for both buyer and seller.

Enform PARts uses TecDoc vehicle numbers to help link Australian suppliers parts to a standard vehicle and product system. eBay Australia selected TecDoc as the standard they too would use to power their MVL.

Bottom line? Australian supplier part data connected to TecDoc through Enform PARts means connection to eBay MVL for easier and accurate listing on this growing channel.

eBay’s Parts Compatibility using MVL allows sellers to show all vehicles that are compatible with a part or number in a single listing, saving time and money allowing for easier and accurate search for the buyer, this should help result in fewer queries and returns. [Click here to view eBay’s Fitment page]

How it works?

Parts compatibility uses the Master Vehicle list (MVL) database where over 37,000 models of cars are listed. Thereby providing a single database where sellers are able to match vehicles with the various parts that they are selling and have available.

The simplicity that PARts provides wholesaler, dealer and traders has not gone unnoticed. In fact, eBay has recognised the intelligence and benefits to implement such a database into their site and have partnered with Enform to include this system into their PARt’s compatibility page.

This allows for easier mapping of parts and accessories suited to the specific vehicle model in one simple database. Data can be shared with wholesalers, dealer and other stakeholders on a worldwide platform through a secure cloud hosted database.

The integrated product provides the following solutions:


–          Complete Vehicle Fitment Management Solution

–          Product and Fitment Data Distribution

–          Integrates with leading online retail systems like Magento, Joomla VM

–          Delivers your data to retail channels like eBay using the MVL*

Simply, the more organised your database, the more trustworthy you seem and more likely, a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Explore PARts by visiting http://www.partsdb.com.au/  or contact Enform about a demonstration or further details on data mapping or parts fitment related services. Created in conjunction with TecDoc Australia, eBay has teamed up with Enform and PARts to help promote an on-line e-commerce data standard for the automotive parts and accessories market.

The aim is to create a single online fitment data standard to lower overall costs, increase speed to market while retaining USP’s for sellers and suppliers. By connecting with TecDoc standards our supplier and parts seller partner clients are able to cost effectively pursue the emerging opportunities in the online retail space.