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Opportunity Knocks – Are You Ready?

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Automotive Parts & Accessories Market is Already Changing and Will Change More.

Ebay “Garage” (http://www.ebay.com.au/motors/garage) has been around for some time now and lets the user lookup and add their vehicle from the MVL (master vehicle list) which is powered by TecDoc.

The latest upgrade or change is the addition of the new fitment lookup on the search results page.

In the example below, if the user searches by “Camry oil filter” Ebay search knows the user is looking for auto parts and automatically triggers the fitment lookup filter and displays it at the top of the results page.

The user can then refine the search by using the fitment lookup drop down selection. This then filters the results to only show products and listings that are linked to that vehicle via the MVL.

No product or vehicle link – no visible listing. Read More

Enform, Motor Media and PARts

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Enform has always tried to work closely with the best service providers. Two of these are Motor Media and PARts Australia

Enform has expanded these relationships with greater collaboration for the development of specialised auto parts web sites for e-commerce, online parts lookup and sophisticated parts interpretor functionality.

Motor Media have years of experience in auto parts and accessories and have developed a number of web sites for leading aftermarket brands. They are a preferred PARts integrator for CMS based web sites using Joomla or WordPress as well as developing custom solutions including e-commerce. The team at Motor Media offers a one-stop-shop approach to web and graphic design.

PARts Australia provide an e-cosystem of applications and tools that help auto parts brands, suppliers, sellers and workshops manage, distribute and share product and fitment data. Their mission is to make suppliers data available wherever their customers are and in whatever format they need it in using global standards. Most importantly, its your data. You can read more about PARts Web Development services here

With this closer collaboration PARts Australia will be available to provide coding services for back end data integration and related scripting to support Motor Media’s front end expertise.

This combined approach brings together the best of both worlds with cutting edge UI and UX development coupled with some of the best parts and fitment data and code experts for a win-win.

Enform will continue to provide co-ordination and or project management services as required but this approach should speed up development of new services, sites and solutions while delivering solid support for our auto parts customers.





PARts DB Launches a New Website

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PARts DB, a TecDoc integrated automotive product and fitment e-cosystem has launched its new website, viewable at www.partsdb.com.au

PARts is a Sydney based venture that has been changing the way Australian automotive suppliers, wholesalers and sellers have been using product data to enhance their business.

TecDoc is the world’s largest automotive product and fitment data aggregator and is owned by the parts suppliers themselves. It was formed in 1998 to create a uniform vehicle and product description standard to allow over 500 suppliers to broadcast and share their product data with their customers. Through PARts, Australian suppliers and brands can now connect to sellers and the market providing their product data to their customer using a global, unified standard.

The PARts data feeds and synchronisation allows manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers alike to access PARts supplier data and TecDoc subscribed supplier data covering over 500 leading global brands and local brands. The system is well suited for retail and workshop performance, 4×4 and accessory markets.

PARts is a permission based system and allows manufacturers and brand owners to manage their data and control its distribution. Parts distributors and sellers can also manage and control the brands and supplier data they see while adding and enhancing the data with custom titles and notation for their own network.

The new website portal allows potential customers to learn about the functionality of the PARts system and learn about how it integrates with a variety of other services and software products, such as eBay MVL, Autosoft, Peach Business Software, Flow, Channel Advisor and Neto.

The website provides a wide variety of links so customers can find the integrated solution that suits their business including PARts Console for real time data management, PARts B2 for B2B e-commerce and a variety of links and resources for total product management.

Enform is an experienced integration partner for PARts, we can assist in getting your PARts product database to your customers, whether it be through your website, B2B solution, eBay or otherwise. We believe that PARts forms the foundation for an extremely effective product marketing strategy, and with appropriate integration it can dramatically expand the information your customers have about your products and increase sales.

Queensland Online Business Makes Record Profits

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Before you balk at the increase shift from offline, to online, you might want to read Simon Street’s story.

Street is the owner of Online Auto Parts, an Internet retailer or automotive parts and accessories. The online business is just one of many businesses that operate online in Queensland and Australia, but for Street, business has been good—very good. In fact, he expects his books to come back to him showing an increase in sales of 100 per cent in February. Seeing as how he enjoyed a 50 per cent growth in January, it’s definitely not hard to be convinced of his optimism.

Not only is Street’s Online Auto Parts doing well, it’s one of the entire State’s top performers. Jenny Thomas, corporate communications manager for eBay even said that Online Auto Parts was one of the largest and best-performing businesses in Queensland to use its ecommerce platform.

So what exactly is the secret behind Simon Street’s incredible performance? Is he making use of savvy SEO techniques, or taking advantage of social media?

According to the businessman, there is no particular secret to this “phenomenon.” He said that he’s just taking advantage of a trend which has more people shopping online for convenience and efficiency. He understands that shoppers no longer have as much time to visit a store and browse through displays—almost everything is being done online, from the canvassing, price comparisons, to the act of placing the item in a shopping cart (this time a virtual one).

It also helps that Street has extensive experience shopping and selling items online on eBay, where he would dispose of extra stock to Internet shoppers. After doing this for 9 years, Street finally came to the realization that he could do more than sell old stock on eBay. Plans begun to formulate in his head, but one problem still remained: capital.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Street’s success is that he practically started Online Auto Parts on his own, with his own resources. The idea of using the Internet as his main platform of business was something investors had difficulty getting behind, so Street decided to take his chances. Fortunately, setting up an online operation cost very little at the time, and thanks to his connections with the right suppliers, he finally got the ball rolling.

Just like with any venture, Enform and Street advises aspiring online entrepreneurs not to ignore the value of a good business plan and neglect to provide good customer service, or a real voice that customers can get in touch with. Customer service is the name of the game and Enform is just a call away to help you out with this.

Reported in the Queensland Courier Mail Feb 2011