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The Inner Workings of a Facebook Post

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Ever wondered if there’s a secret behind getting the most exposure for your marketing efforts on Facebook? While it’s no silver bullet secret weapon, social media marketing company Virtue thinks that posting images on a Friday morning is the most effective way of reaching out to your audience.

The company also points out that attaching images with your posts is far more effective instead of using video or just plain text. The company’s recently released paper, entitled “The Anatomy of a Facebook Post,” indicates that across all brands and represented business entities, posts with images have the highest success rate of engaging fans. Statistics show that images are 22% more engaging than video posts, and 54% more engaging than text posts.

Analysts from the company feel this is because videos are more time consuming to load and view, whereas an image only requires 1 or 2 mouse clicks to view optimally. And since a good percentage of people are mobile Facebook users, videos, particularly HD videos, are even more difficult to view.

As for the special Friday effect on Facebook, Virtue’s paper suggests that the activity of Facebook users consistently spikes on a Friday. Just like salaried employees and professionals who rejoice the arrival of a Friday, Facebook users also welcome the day with increased “shares, likes, and comments” on other posts. Don’t be surprised if ‘TGIF’ is the most widely used keyword on Fridays.

As for the day of the week that sees the lowest Facebook engagement activity? It’s Sunday, which is not surprising since most people are likely to spend the day away from the computer or internet.

Virtue also analyzed the times in which Facebook posts are most effective. After dividing the day into two 12-hour blocks, it was found that posts made in the morning, or the first 12 hours, are 65% more engaging than posts made in the afternoon, or the second block. It’s suggested that since people are more likely to be busy as the day goes by, Facebook users go online first thing in the morning, right before work or school.

Enform believes that increased social media usage makes it more important to maximize your social media marketing efforts. The space is getting more crowded and solutions based on objective analysis become more important.

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