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Enform Automailer custom templates

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Automailer custom template

Automailer custom template

If you like the Automailer idea but want to make sure you have your own unique look and feel, just ask us about building custom templates. Apart from the standard, simple  multi-column formats most often used we can also build custom templates as colourful or as simple as you’d like.

The options are only limited by cost and imagination. Enform can help you work out what works and even test it for you with version control.

Talk to Enform about custom templates.

Web analytics, use it or ignore it and hope your competitor does too.

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Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

Web analytics is one of the most powerful yet underrated online marketing tools on the web. Google Analytics is not the most powerful but it has one significant advantage over many others – its free.

Wikipedia defines web analytics as “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage”. Have a look at their excellent summary here and consider the possibilities available via a well set up tracking engine.

Imagine knowing which specific pages your customers from Albania looked at and how they were referred to that page? What time of the day was it? Was the Albanian interest level the same as the same time last year and how many converted to a sale or reached the specified goal target? And how does your site compare with your peers or competitors and which words generate the most inbound traffic through native search?

These are but a small sample of what’s available free through Google, its easy to setup and the reporting options are more extensive than most people will every try.  If you have the functionality installed, ask Enform to help you show what’s possible. If you haven’t got analytics tracking yet, talk to Enform about helping you set up.

Enform Automailer for professional permission based email marketing

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Automailer Campaign Dashboard

Automailer Campaign Dashboard

Permission based email marketing is still the core of any successful online marketing strategy and is essential for both staying in touch with your existing customers, promoting leads to new customers and finding new prospects. When coupled with a strong web site and a pro-active subscriber and user focus its easy to get your customer and product users to sign up and listen to what you have to say.

The Enform Automailer software package has been built specifically for our clients them better manage this very important aspect of electronic marketing, the email mail list.

The emphasis on “permissions” is critical here and is what separates your regular email from SPAM. Enform Automailer have all the tools you need to integrate with your web site for automatic user subscription as well as allowing for import upload of new subscriber or even manual addition all online via your own custom or XYS Pty Ltd portal.

Enform Automailer is state of the art and the most cost effective way to keep in touch with your clients without risking your online reputation or your mail server integrity.

To read more about it go to the Automailer page or ask us for an online