Paid Google Ads Report, PPC is NOT an Option Anymore!

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ppc not an option anymore

If you’re a frequent user of Google Search—it would be odd if you’re not—then you may have noticed how sponsored ads on the search engine have suddenly surged in number over the recent weeks and months.

If you thought PPC was a waste, think again

A recent study by WordStream shows that paid search listings outclicked organic search results by at least a 2:1 margin in the United States, with high keywords with a high commercial intent behind them getting the most clicks.

There is, however, a catch to this. Organic searches still get more clicks than paid search ads in general, but the kicker lies in how the keywords are created. For instance, keywords designed to have a high commercial intent behind them, that is, keywords geared specifically towards buyers (e.g. buy 2012 tablet PC), are much more valuable to businesses than plain, ordinary keyword searches. It’s the keywords in this department that’s laying the beating on organic search results.

Other notable finds of the study are outlined below:

  • The position of paid search listings plays a big role in the clickthrough rates of PPC ads. Google has now made it that sponsored ads occupy a significant chunk of the real estate of a search engine results page (SERP), which has, not surprisingly, increased clickthrough rates in high commercial intent keywords.
  • Google easily trumps Facebook, at least when it comes to high commercial intent keywords. Sponsored ads on Google are clicked at least 600 times more than similar ads on Facebook.
  • Businesses may want to look twice at pay-per-click ads on Google, if their goal is to sell products and services online. Keywords with high commercial content attract people looking to make a purchase, and since these keywords perform well on paid listings, it would be foolish not to consider PPC ads as part of a marketing campaign

For the full results of WordStream’s study, here’s a link to the [infographic].

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