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QR Codes: Using them to your Advantage

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QR codes are fast becoming a widely used method of acquiring information on various types of products, services, even people and organizations such as non-profit groups and businesses. QR codes (QR stands for quick response) are essentially bar codes that allow virtually any type of information, be it a URL to a web page, vCard, picture or text, to be converted into a square code of pixels. Users than use their smartphones and mobile devices to scan the QR code and get the information it ‘hides’ instantly, with no typing required. This convenience factor has propelled the QR code to be placed on flyers, Facebook pages, shirts, stickers and more.

Marketers would be well advised to take a serious look at mobile barcodes as a marketing tool. A recent survey by telecommunications company AT&T shows that QR codes are second only to mobile apps in interest, with companies looking to integrate them in their marketing strategies in 2012.

With more mobile device users than ever, the extended reach of QR codes can definitely make your marketing strategies more effective. The only question is how to start and how to make use of mobile barcodes.

Here are some ideas

Discounts and Promotions

QR codes strategically placed in print and online advertising materials are a creative way of rewarding customers with special offers and enhance loyalty. It also brings about the curiosity factor with the target market.

Business Cards

QR codes are a great way of sharing business and contact information with customers and clients. Simply have a QR code on a business card so that customers can scan it and have all the information they need about you right at their fingertips. This cuts down on paper waste and data entry – just how Enform likes it!