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Recurring RSS Now Available through Enform Automailer

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Converting RSS to email for marketing campaign purposes is a functionality that’s been around for quite some time, however, Enform now offers a novel way to send RSS to email in a way that’s easier than ever for both email marketers and the target audience.

Enform is pleased to introduce Automailer Recurring RSS, a new approach to email campaigns. Recurring RSS essentially allows marketers to fire away a campaign email to subscribers each time an update or post is made on their website or blog. We can then provide with you with reports that help you understand where your site or blog visitors’ interests lie.

Some notable features of Automailer Recurring RSS include:

Comprehensive and Precise Reports

Similar to typical one-off campaigns, our tweaked RSS to email feature provides marketers with detailed reports on how well marketing campaigns are performing over time. This allows you to catch trends, see which posts were generated the most interest and even get a detailed look at the most popular posts ever.

Included in our reports are demographic data, location of readers by country and more.

Customizable RSS Design

Another notable feature of our new RSS feature lies in the ability for users to come up with their own design for recurring RSS, instead of being limited to an array of pre-designed templates. To customize the design or layout of your recurring RSS design, all you have to do is add some tags in the template language, giving you freedom over your Automailer campaigns.

Social Media Touch

We’ve also made sure to integrate social media sharing into your recurring RSS campaigns. Again, you can add social sharing HTML tags that allow users to share and “Like” posts on Facebook and send Tweets on Twitter to followers on the network.

Talk to us about Automailer and the new opportunities with RSS.