Satmetrix Releases Industry Benchmarks Report

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Customer management software developer Satmetrix, the Net Promoter Company, recently released its 2011 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks report which analyzes the customer loyalties of more than 150 major consumer product brands and services. The report covers 7 of America’s biggest industries, namely telecommunications, retail, online services, insurance, technology, finance and airlines.

This year’s Benchmarks report, which based its findings on more than 22,000 surveyed respondents from all over the country, named some interesting winners this years, among them some very popular brands and companies, among them American Express, Costco, Amazon, Google, Apple, JetBlue, USAA and Symantec.

Each consumer respondent was given the chance to rate not more than two companies whom they’ve done business with—whether it’s by purchasing a product or making use of their service—during the past 12 months before taking the survey.  A brand’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), or the final tally of all the consumers’ ratings, indicates the likelihood with which a customer will recommend the brand. A company’s NPS is calculated by determining the percentage of customers who rate the company higher, or 9 to 10 on a zero-to-ten scale, and the percentage of those that rate the company lower, or below 6 on the scale.

Respondents were also asked to rate different companies on other factors their regarding customer experience, such as the variety of services being offered, quality of customer service and more. All this information enables Satmetrix to analyze which factors encourage customer loyalty, as well as what areas companies need to make improvements in.

All in all, Satmetrix’s 2011 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks report helps both customers and companies. By knowing what makes the minds of customers tick when their consumer experience is concerned, companies can use this information to make improvements in areas that need work in. This in turn helps customers get a better experience when buying products or availing of services.