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Pinterest Surprise! More Male Users Make Purchase Decisions than Women

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Here’s an interesting find on how people use Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing social media sites that revolves around the pinboard-style sharing of photos and images. Although female Internet users make up the bulk of members on Pinterest—with statistics from the site showing up to 90 percent of the user base is comprised of women—a June 2012 survey on Pinterest usage shows that men actually respond better to products and services displayed on the social network. The data is based on the Online Shopper Intelligence Survey conducted by US-based digital research firm Compete.

In fact, at least 37 percent of men on Pinterest reported to making a purchase on a product or service after discovering it on the social network. It shows a significant gap from female users, with only 17 percent saying they would make a purchase decision through Pinterest.

Food-related Images Get Most Attention

The recent Compete survey also examines the type of content that users on Pinterest took interest in the most. Food apparently tops the list at 57 percent, with home at 40 percent coming in at second, followed by arts and crafts, and style and fashion at 40 percent and 30 percent respectively. A quarter of the survey’s respondents reported to interact with products, vacation services and humorous images. Content revolving around children proved to be the least popular at just 14 percent.

Pinterest Changes Social Network Behaviour

The Compete survey, if indeed true to the letter, might even affect the online strategies of marketers. The report shows that 39 percent of Pinterest users surveyed changed their online behaviour due to their Pinterest usage. About a quarter of respondents, admit to not spending as much time on other social networks as they do on Pinterest.

Of course, such postulations can be taken with a grain of salt, as a survey by PriceGrabber done in April also shows that 77 percent of Pinterest users with Facebook and Twitter accounts report to not being on Pinterest more than aforementioned social networks.