Smartphones used more frequently in household with kids

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How often do you use your smartphone, and what do you mainly use it for? Do you have children at home with you? If so, have you considered that there might be a correlation between the two?

A study by Harris Interactive shows that smartphone owners living with children at home are more likely to use their mobile devices for a variety of uses compared to those without kids. The study outlines that smartphone users living with children are more likely to engage regularly in the following activities than those without kids:

  • Downloading and buying apps, music and videos
  • Researching about products and services
  • Purchasing products and services

It should be pointed out though, that the order of popularity of these activities is largely similar between the two groups, even with the gaps in engagement.

Closer Look at Results

The Harris Interactive reported the following numbers on these discrepancies, showing that smartphone users living than kids are:

  • 16 percent more likely to use maps and navigation apps on their smartphones
  • 16 percent more likely to download free apps and other content
  • 22 percent more likely to be on a social media site or app
  • 19 percent more likely to play games
  • 38 percent more likely to be looking up information about products and services
  • 39 percent more likely to buy apps and other content

Although we at Enform found that the survey from Harris Interactive doesn’t say anything about whether respondents with kids in the household were actually parents, another study, this time from Ipsos MediaCT shows that parents actually have an adoption rate of web-connected devices that’s well above average. This seems to suggest that being with kids has a correlation with technology habits.

So what exactly does the survey mean? Good question. We at Enform like to believe that time constraints and busy schedules are encouraging people living with children to multitask; that is, to do more with just one device.

Whereas the average Internet user living alone at home probably has time to engage in online activities across other devices, users living with children probably have to do things on their smartphones alone.

More People Using their Smartphones to Learn About Products and Services on the Web

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Smartphone Users Survey

According to a recent survey done for Prosper Mobile Insights, 8 out of 10 smartphone users have used their mobile devices to search the Internet for information about different services and products. This represents 81% of those included in the survey. The results mark a significant change in Internet user behaviour—a trend which marketing specialists need to be fully aware of. This is especially important, as the company’s research shows that the second most popular activity related to retail is the process of finding the location of a local store and finding out its store hours. The Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey shows that 77% of respondents have done this with their smartphones.

There is a significant gap between the second and third most popular retail-related activity which smartphone users frequently engage themselves in. 58% of surveyed respondents admit to frequently reading product and service reviews from fellow customers. The same number of respondents also did research on specific products and services through their smartphones.

These activities are followed up by getting text messages that contain special offers such as discounts and freebies, accounting for 54% of those surveyed. This was followed closely by the 50% of respondents, who have made a purchase while using their smartphone.  The list is then rounded off by the 34% of respondents who have used their smartphone to scan a QR code, as well as the 21%, or 1 in 5 respondents, who have used their smartphone to write up a customer review. Finally, 6% of those who participated in the survey have not done any of these retail-related activities through their smartphone.

Needless to say, the Prosper Mobile Insights survey clearly shows that more people than ever are using these mobile devices to browse the web. In fact, the survey also indicates that 56% of respondents prefer to use their smartphone over their PC to browse the Internet. This presents a major lead over the number of respondents who do not prefer to use their smartphones to access the Internet, who make up 36% of those surveyed.

Clearly, accessing information on the web is continually moving to the mobile platform. Talk to Enform now to know what this means for you and your businesses. We’ll take you ahead in whatever industry you are in.