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Top 5 Social Media Misconceptions Exposed – Part 5

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Last on our list of misconceptions, “Social Media is Hard Word.”

While this myth might be true for some and not for others, getting into the subject is no doubt inevitable. For those starting out, there’s no denying social media management is hard work especially with the learning curve (varies greatly from person to person) that comes with it. Come to think of it, even for the most seasoned social media marketer, this is still “work” although how hard might depend on a number of factors including the brand or service to represent, competition, among others.

With that said, the chances of you having to do work and put in an ounce or two of perseverance in this unconventional yet highly effective marketing environment is almost guaranteed. However, if work – regardless of intensity – is something you shy away from, you should start asking yourself why you are in business in the first place.

On the brighter side, if you accept social media as an extension of sort to your real life store and treat every engagement like you were taking to your best customer, then in due time the social media Gods will start blessing your efforts with even more good business. For the chosen few, social media might even bring in more of the good thing than their offline presence.

Of course, all in due time as the effects of a good social media marketing campaign takes months to be felt unlike other marketing means. Enform knows this myth best as we have been in the business of taking the social media work and lessening the period of perseverance for businesses for over 12 years.