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Top 5 Social Media Misconceptions Exposed – Part 4

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Peter Wylie of SocialMediaExaminer sheds some light on the top 5 myths that’s been keeping a huge number of businesses away from an effective marketing medium, social media.

Coming in fourth on our list of misconceptions, “If I Engage on Social Media Sites, I’ll Get Loads of Negative Comments.”

Let’s face it, not even God can please every single one of his creations. And that’s God we’re talking about. There will always be a certain percentage of your customers that will end up complaining about the tiniest of flaws and regardless if it’s their fault or otherwise, your brand’s name is still at stake when this happens. Now, with advent of social media, this happens even easier and maybe for some, more frequent.

Social Media Participation

Luckily, for the keen eyed, situations like this – no matter how bleak and scary it may seem – is still a double-edged sword. In fact, in due time, you’ll even realize that these situations are actually diamonds in the rough and when mined in a careful and humane manner, it will eventually produce the finest of diamonds that will bring in positive light for your business for years to come.

So, how do you turn “flamers” into evangelists in the social media world anyway? The key lies in the transparency and voice that your company takes.

Gone are the days when your company treats these complaints as mere job orders that have to be dealt with in one way or another. To succeed in your social media presence, your company has to be a lot more personable and with over 400 million potential customers capable of not just listening, but jumping in on the conversation, you have to.

As long as you keep your cool and you sound sincere in correcting a customer’s complaint, then you’d even be surprised to see other users naturally taking the initiative in lifting your brand for you. At Enform, we call them “Mavins” and developing as many of them is part of our strategy for your business.

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