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Top 5 Social Media Misconceptions Exposed – Part 2

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Second on our list of Social Media Myths, “I can’t measure the effects of my Social Media efforts.”

Unlike traditional marketing where you can simply give out flyers on the street and wait for potential customers to start making them calls and visits to measure your efforts, it takes more to measure social media. It might even be true to say it’s a tricky thing to do however, it definitely isn’t impossible.

So, how do you measure the returns of your social media efforts?

Some measure their efforts by the number of friends or contacts they amass – the better to get a word out on a promo, etc. Some go deeper by counting the number of actual interactions with these social media connections. Even deeper, others count the number of actual sales from these connections.

But, the old school business managers can take heart that there are more conventional tools and means available.  Below is one of the best resources and explanations I’ve seen on the topic and its quite entertaining too. Its by Olivier Blanchard of “The Brand Builder”

Olivier Blanchard Basics Of Social Media Roi

Whatever your marketing goals may be, Enform is here to help you create, build, measure and achieve those goals using digital and social media marketing tools.

It’s not a fad, it is measurable, it does deliver a competitive ROI.

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