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Google Launches New Social Search Algorithm

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Silicon Valley may look peaceful and quaint to the casual observer, but inside the offices of Facebook and Google, a war over the top spot in search is getting underway, with both sides making subtle moves to get one up over each other. Facebook, which commands a little over 500 million users from all over the world, refuses to hand Google the keys to their social graph data. The search engine titan on the other hand, has responded by using its vast resources to work with other social networks in order to “socialize” Google.


Early in February, Google launched a new search algorithm, one that would include social results on the search engine results pages of users who are logged in to their Google accounts. Aside from the conventional websites and pages that make up Google’s search results, Internet users can expect to see results coming from their friends on social networks such as LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger and more.

If anything, this new search algorithm by Google definitely has an impact on the importance of rankings and keywords. Although it’s still experimental, this new move by Google effectively opens plenty of doors, potentially ushering in an era where link building and organic SEO are no longer as important as working on a social presence that’s more personal.

So the question is this, is Google’s official search foray in the world of social media a game changer? One can only guess, but if there’s one thing internet marketers can be sure of, it’s that more and more businesses are realizing the importance of being active in the world of social media. Now that this platform is no longer just about increasing one’s reach and influence on the Web, Internet marketers must now anticipate this evolution of search, lest they be left behind.